Europe Magazine February 2019


Kalfafell vilage, South Iceland

TABLE OF CONTENTS EUROPE, SHINING ON THE SILVER SCREEN Like a scene from a film 03 Pick your scene 04 Germany in the Movies 05 Filming in Greece 06 Wallonia, Fab For Film Buffs! 07 Lights, camera, Ireland 08 A movie set-lover’s dream! 10 Live the Romanian story 11 Lithuania on the Big Screen 12 Locations for any movie genre 13 Holland in the movies 14 The cinematic resilience 16 Iceland in the Movies 17 The Swiss Alps meet Hollywood 18 Bulgaria 19 It’s all about Croatia 20 Austria 22 Monaco:Lights, Camera, Action 23 Picture perfect Flanders 24 Discover Extremadura, a big-screen destination 25 Portugal. The perfect location 26 Famous film production spots 27 Serbia in Movies 28 The magic of movies takes us to so many places-- some real, some imagined, and these days, “real” that has been digitally enhanced beyond reality. Europe is thoroughly peppered with famous movie and TV series locations of all types, both urban and rural, authentic and enhanced. A cinematic theme to your trip can be loads of fun and a good way to use modern media to make historical sites and events more relevant and touchable. Consider that if somemembers of your party fear terminal boredom at museums and monuments! Take on the persona of your movie alter ego. Try to figure out how the cameramen got those amazing shots. See cityscapes and landscapes you know from your favorite movies or shows, and locations that have become synonymous with various fantasy worlds. Mix in a film festival and tours of sound stages and movie lots. Along the way, partake of all the other aspects of traveling in Europe that make it a joy: famous historic sites, natural wonders, wonderful museums, dining, and oh yes–the cinema!



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