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FLANDERS’ FOOD FOR EVERY TASTE FLANDERS’ BEST OF THE BEST Flanders is a gourmet paradise: it has no fewer than 97 Michelin-starred restaurants. However, you don’t have to go gourmet to enjoy a delicious meal here. Belgian fries, tempting chocolates and sugar dusted waffles; there are somany tasty snacks you can enjoy on the go. Belgium is the land of fries, and we take them very seriously. Flemish newspapers even run an annual competition to identify the best ‘frituur’ - a small restaurant or kiosk that specialises in fries and other fried street food – in Flanders. Twice fried, golden and delicious and topped with the condiment of your choice, the taste even more heavenly than you could ever dream. Another classic is the Belgian waffle, although we just call them ‘waffles’ here in Flanders. You won’t have any trouble finding these sweet treats when strolling around: just follow your nose! The only struggle will be to decide what to have on it… Locals love to douse them in sugar, but strawberries and cream are a perfect combination, not to mention ice cream or speculoos – a caramelised biscuit spread. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be mouth-wateringly tasty.


When you’re building up an appetite touring the heart of Europe, you can grab a snack that not only curbs your hunger but also pleases your taste buds. We’ll guide you around distinctly Czech foods that you should try while you’re in the Czech Republic. Taste Prague ham! This ham is boiled and then lightly smoked, a recipe that is traditional to Prague and can still be purchased there. If you would like something less meaty, have a unique open-faced sandwich, or chlebíček. This is a slice of a special baguette with various toppings, from ham to cheese and different spreads. Does cheese alone sound good to you? In that case, you must give fried cheese a try. You can eat it with potatoes as a sit- down meal or on the street in a bun with mayonnaise. The cheese is hot and stretches splendidly! Have a sweet tooth? Spa wafers are a typical sugary treat after spa procedures in Karlovy Vary or in Luhačovice. Two thin, crunchy wafers are filled with or flavored cream or nuts with sugar. On the street you can taste them while they’re still hot. Another regional speciality comes from North Moravia and the town of Štramberk: Štramberk ears. The mixture of spices and honey gives off an amazing fragrance that permeates

the entire town centre, which is the place where these specially moulded pastries are baked. Another typical regional sweet treat is Beskids pie, or Valašský frgál. It’s distinctive for having more sweet filling than dough! Most often you can buy these with poppy seeds, cream cheese, or pear jam.

Lesser known than fries and waffles are “cuberdons”, a specialty in the gorgeous city of Ghent. This unique, often purple, cone-shaped candy has a hard sugar crust, with a gooey raspberry syrup inside. The best place to find them is the small stalls in Ghent’s city centre. Once you’ve tasted them, you’ll see why this sweet delight has been a local favourite for over 100 years.

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